Education is a process of learning and transformation of a student…

The purpose of clinical counseling is that students can freely and confidentially express their academic, emotional, and personal pressures and concerns to a professional who can help them effectively.

1. Students are given proper guidance on how to deal with psychological problems which can badly impact their studies. Through these sessions, the students will be able to develop certain problem-solving skills which to an extent help them deal with particular issues surrounding their lives.

2. It helps to shape a student’s behavior and also instill enough discipline in them. Proper guidance helps them achieve their goals, well guided & counseled students to know what to do and how to do things in the best possible way.

3. Talks related to alcohol, drugs, personal feelings, or any kind of abuse, can be openly discussed. Guidance and counseling also make students better human beings since they are counseled on how to act and behave in a particular situation.

4. It enables students to undergo certain difficulties in their lives, to ask questions, and to clarify them through guiding and counseling. Therefore, counseling helps them ask without any fear since the person in charge is willing to help.

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